World Health Day Challenge: 5K Breakfasts for $5K

April 5, 2017

no sugary breakfast

Join Foodstand and Harney & Sons Fine Teas for the World Health Day Challenge starting Friday April 7th, 2017! Help us reach our goal of avoiding 5,000 sugary breakfasts over the next week, and Harney & Sons will donate $5,000 to Wellness in the Schools.

Simply download the free Foodstand app, follow the on-screen instructions to create a profile, and select the Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Challenge. If you’re already a Foodstander, switch to the No Sugary Breakfast Challenge for a good cause. Tap the Settings icon in the orange My Challenge tab. Select “Change Challenge,” and join the Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Challenge.  Check in daily through Thursday, April 13th and you’ll be entered to win tea prizes from Harney & Sons.

Unhealthy diet is the #1 cause of premature death. Most American breakfasts contains more sugar that one should consume in an entire day—6 teaspoons (about 24 grams) for women and children, and 9 teaspoons (about 36 grams) for men. Even breakfast items marketed as health foods such as fruit yogurt, granola, cereal, energy bars and oatmeal packets are loaded with added sugar, and can set one on a disastrous path of cravings and crashes for the day.

“It’s not just important to eat breakfast; it’s key to aim for a nourishing morning meal without added sugar to get the most nutrient-rich kickstart possible for your body and brain,” explains Foodstander and nutrition expert Jackie Newgent, RD. Check out Foodstand’s blog 10 Better Breakfasts for fast, filling and tasty breakfast swaps to help you with your Challenge.

Foodstand is thrilled to partner with Harney & Sons Fine Teas to help make healthy breakfast the default for all of us. Harney & Sons has been working with schools to increase the health and wellness of students since the beginning, and their teas and herbal infusions make for a delicious breakfast beverage without the added sugar. A better breakfast isn’t just for adults, and Foodstand couldn’t be more proud to work with Wellness in the Schools, the national non-profit that inspires healthy eating as well as environmental awareness and fitness in public schools.

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