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Big News: Foodstand is now a part of Diet ID!

April 10, 2019

Dear Fellow Foodstander,

We launched Foodstand to help each of you make healthy eating the easier choice. Tens of thousands of you in over 85 countries have proven that it is possible – small shifts each day can lead to massive changes — weight loss, improvement in A1C levels, more energy, and overall healthfulness, and we are SO inspired by each of you. The magic of building new habits lies between the relationships that support us.

We’re excited to share that Foodstand is embarking on a new relationship that will similarly bring magic to our community and hundreds of thousands of others around the world. Foodstand is now a part of Diet ID, a digital health company founded by the illustrious Dr. David Katz (you’ve probably heard about him from us!), focused on the same mission as Foodstand. Diet ID has built a revolutionary dietary assessment and tracking tool to help you figure out where you are with your eating habits and where you need to go, using an elegant, photo-based pattern recognition system. Our complementary technologies will work together to finally bring to the world the first of its kind solution to help you navigate the journey of reaching dietary success, one day at a time.

The Foodstand app will continue to operate for the time being, so you can continue kicking butt at your Challenges and sharing your wins. Our team will also be joining the rockstar Diet ID team, so feel free to stay in touch with us.

We just want to reiterate how grateful we are for each of you – especially those who were brave enough to share your stories, challenges, and wins with us. Changing how we eat is the single biggest thing we can do to improve our health and the health of our planet, but it is EXTREMELY hard! Our commitment to making healthy eating easier is unwavering, and we’re excited to continue pursuing this goal within the Diet ID family.

We’re looking forward to taking you on this journey with us!


Much love,

Rachna & Udi


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