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Pour some Maple Syrup on me

March 25, 2015


Photo credit: Beanilla

Maple syrup – it’s not just for pancakes! We have seen this sweet stuff popping up in unlikely recipes everywhere- and we’re loving it.  You don’t have to be Canadian to indulge your maple syrup obsession either (although Canada does now produce 80% of the world’s maple syrup!)

Maple syrup is trending on Foodstand because of its versatility and ability to bring a unique kind of sweetness.  As a natural sweetener, we can take advantage of maple syrup as a replacement for sugar, while reaping health benefits too. In moderation, maple syrup can keep you looking young and it shares similar health benefits to wine. It contains 54 antioxidants that keep eyes and skin in good shape, and 5 of these antioxidants can’t be found anywhere else in nature.  An added bonus: the maple syrup tapping process doesn’t hurt the maple trees or affect their lifespan at all, so no need to worry about our tree friends. =)

 Adapted from: The Daily Meal


Maple Pesto: It’s the Best-o

Photo Credit: Kirsten Rickert

 The sweet, spicy bite of this pesto is the perfect spread on sandwiches… or crackers… or literally anything.

Ingredients: 1 bunch of fresh basil; 2/3 cup of olive oil; 1 cup of walnuts (or pecans); 1/4 cup maple syrup; 1/2 cup parmesan or pecorino cheese; 1 garlic clove

Method: Blend the basil, garlic, and nuts in a food processor. Add the oil and maple syrup.  Mix in the grated cheese. Add to your favorite sandwich, pasta, or meat dish for some sweetness!

Adapted from Kirsten Rickert


Maple Bourbon Sweet(-er) Potatoes

Photo Credit: Bon Appetit

Ingredients: 1 ½ cups strong hot coffee; 9 tbsp pure maple syrup; ½ tsp instant espresso powder; 3tbs dark brown sugar; ⅓ cup bourbon, 9 tbsp unsalted butter; 5 lbs red-skinned sweet potatoes

Method: Stir coffee, maple syrup, sugar, and espresso powder. Bring mixture to a boil, cook 6-7 minutes. Remove syrup from heat; add bourbon and 2 tablespoons butter. Simmer 40-45 minutes (mixture should be thick enough to coat a spoon, but not sticky). Melt remaining butter in large rimmed baking sheets.  Add potatoes and maple mixture. Bake 30-35 mins at 425°

Adapted from Bon Appetit


Maple trending with Foodstanders

Blueberry cashew cheesecake! Totally vegan and gluten free.

Ingredients: Blueberries, Maple Syrup, Salted Dry Roasted Cashew Nuts, Walnuts, Rolled Oats

Homemade by chefshauna





Nothing says Happy Birthday like a maple bacon cupcake.

Ingredients: Bacon, Maple Syrup

By ChrisCavanagh




Vegan cashew cheese featured in Lemon-Banana “Ricotta” Pancakes. So satisfying and fresh! Gluten-free & Vegan.

Ingredients: Banana, Maple Syrup, Oat Flour, Cashew Cheese

Homemade by foodbymars

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