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August 14, 2015


JenniferEmilson All the berries have been used up now… Mixed Berry Tart in an Oat and Almond crust. #RedEats

Ingredients: Blueberries, gooseberries, strawberries, red currants, coconut oil, lemon juice, rolled oats, almond meal, maple syrup, buckwheat honey



GarciaGourmands Cranberry Chutney. #RedEats



HealthyHarlequin Some big girl’s bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes and basil. #redeats

Ingredients: Tomatoes, sourdough bread, fresh basil, onion



Mokalocks Vegetarian bibimbap for dinner tonight!




Ingredients: Black beans, shrimp, guacamole, jalapeño, Veracha, jalapeño cheddar

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