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September 4, 2015


AMK We got some kale out of the garden for dinner tonight – about 12lbs of it. I only managed to hold up half of it. #auriasmalaysiankitchen #thesamballady #kale #homegrown



JenniferEmilson Baby marrow, feta and spicy chorizo quiche. Almost made it Meatless Monday

Ingredients: Baby marrow, chorizo, feta cheese, fresh mozzarella, Greek yogurt, heavy cream, egg, all-purpose white wheat flour unbleached




Cravingsinamsterdam Breakfast: Greek yogurt topped with caramelized wild peaches, mint, almonds & pumpkin seeds. And more fruit on the side.




AMK Monday night dinner was homemade Roti Canai, leftover egg curry, dhall and greens. Excuse the messy plate, I began eating and then remembered to take a pic. Oooooops. #auriasmalaysiankitchen #thesamballady #malaysian #brooklyn #nyc #dinner #roticanai



JenniferEmilson Stuffin’ muh Peppers Greek style. Chicken, brown rice, feta, zucchini, tomato, oregano, chilli flakes, lemon and kefir. Opa!

Ingredients: Sweet red peppers, zucchini, Roma tomatoes, yellow onion, chicken, brown rice, garlic, lemon zest, dried oregano, feta cheese, kefir

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