Behind the Plate


November 6, 2015

There aren’t many parts of the world that food writer @Cravingsinamsterdam hasn’t seen! Originally from Lima, Peru, Paola lived in the United States, France and Venezuela before moving to Amsterdam where she now lives and cooks up her delicious (and very photogenic) dishes we all drool over. And yes, food was definitely involved in her travels—after school she moved to Lyon for a cooking course at L’Institut Paul Bocuse! We wanted to know more about Paola, and had a chance to chat with her about food—her favorite subject!

Veggie you never liked when young, but now you do?
Beets and brussels sprouts.

Your good food wish?
That each school would have an edible garden.

What have you been dying to make recipe-wise, but haven’t yet?
Soup dumplings have been on my to do list for a while. Hopefully soon I can check them off my list.

Where do you typically grocery shop?
I go to two markets and three supermarkets.

Do you have a favorite food trick?
I got this tip through a fellow foodie on Instagram. Placing an egg in a sieve first to let the watery part of the egg white fall off and then poach it. The result is perfectly poached eggs every time.

Whats always in your fridge?

Favorite cuisine?

What’s your go-to breakfast?
Yogurt and fruit on weekdays and buckwheat banana waffles on the weekends.

What was your biggest #foodfail?
I made a vegetable tart a while ago. The veggies made the filling soggy and I got carried away with the sage in the filling. It was not edible.

How do you define good food?
Seasonal, local, and nourishing.

Top three herbs, in order of importance?
Coriander, parsley and thyme.

What’s your favorite indulgent treat?
Chocolate fudge cake

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