November 6, 2015

#NoFoodWaste November is off to a great start! Here are this week’s Top 5 #NoFoodWaste Posts.
Keep posting, Foodstanders, to see your good-food deeds in next week’s Top 5!



Don’t forget to eat your beet greens! They’re delicious. We see too many people just break these off their beets and toss them. #NoFoodWaste

Ingredients: Beet greens



Sometimes Tuesday feels like a Monday. And you must have cheesy fries for lunch. But you bake the fries and throw some tomatoes on there so it’s not thaaat unhealthy. And then you put all your about-to-go-bad herbs into a salsa verde-ish thing because #NoFoodWaste. And suddenly Tuesday is glorious.

Ingredients: Yukon gold potatoes, cherry tomato, Gouda cheese, basil, fresh thyme, parsley




Roasted Acorn Squash Soup… Served in its own beauty… #NoFoodWaste




Threw in the basil stalks for my #NoFoodWaste pesto! I was a little skeptical of the texture but once I stirred it into some spaghetti squash, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Ingredients: Fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil



Brekkie today: Creamsicle Smoothie. And don’t waste the orange peels: at the bottom of the trash can (under the bag) they are a deodorizer; dried peels work great in brown sugar to keep it from drying out; and in water in a spray bottle—insect repellant! I also see banana bread #NoFoodWaste

Ingredients: Navel orange, banana, kefir, chia seeds, almond milk, sprouted flaxseed powder, vanilla extract

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