December 6, 2015

You Foodstanders rocked #NoFoodWaste November out of the park! At the beginning of the month we shared our #NoFoodWaste November Tips in Foodstand’s Top 5 Ways to Cut Food Waste to get you started. And now we’ve collected your top tips to finish out the month! While #NoFoodWaste November has come to a close, this is only the beginning of our good-food-deed path. Thanks for inspiring one another and showing your good-deed eats!

But wait—we can’t forget the prizes! Congratulations to our #NoFoodWaste drawing winners! Rosa (@Rosavbs), Flo (@serveMEnow), Kendall (@kendallann) and Christina (@MrsXtina) each took home our local Dig Inn prize! And Kitty (@Kitty), Emily (@etsummer), Justin (@skylightfarm) and Lesley (@LesleyRozycki) each took home our national Farm To People prize!

Big thanks to Dig Inn Seasonal Market (@diginn), Farm To People (@FarmToPeople), and Sustainable America (@SustainableAmerica) for their support!


And now, without further ado…





lauren Prepared these cute little Spinach stems as I would bok choi—steamed then sautéed with soy sauce and sesame oil—and they turned out delicious! #NoFoodWaste


bewellwitharielle Used leftover beans when making soup for his pizza! DELISH pizza topping and a dose of protein. Win win. #NoFoodWaste


skylightfarm Don’t forget to eat your beet greens! They’re delicious. We see too many people just break these off their beers and toss them. #NoFoodWaste


JenniferEmilson Brekkie today: Creamsicle Smoothie. And don’t waste the orange peels: at the bottom of the trash can (under the bag) they are deodorizer; dried peels work great in brown sugar to keep it from drying out, and in water in a spray bottle- insect repellent! I also see banana bread 😁😊 #NoFoodWaste


gingerandchorizo The diced broccoli stems I used for this fried brown rice (with Korean chili paste and topped with chopped dried shrimp) was the left over from the broccoli pesto I made last night, hate to see it go into the bin! #NoFoodWaste


diginn #NoFoodWaste November! Our Brussels Sprouts are cooked in an orange confit we created from the peels of the oranges we use for our juices, and a touch of coconut oil. This saves 525 lbs of orange peels from going into the compost each week. Recipe in our taste book!


Cravingsinamsterdam Roasted carrot risotto with gremolata & pomegranate. Made the gremolata with the carrot tops, lemon zest, garlic, a bit of parsley & basil. #NoFoodWaste



Kenanhill Salted pumpkin seed brittle 🎃 #NoFoodWaste


leandrasnotlost No food waste this November! These beautiful loaves were rescued from a dumpster and turned into PB&J sammies for DC’s homeless population! #NoFoodWaste



simplywithout Market day! What’s in your bag?! Remember to drop off any food scraps you don’t use at your local farmers’ market to compost! #NoFoodWaste

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