January 15, 2016

Happy New Year! Many of us are pledging to make some resolutions that will really stick,
and we’ve asked Foodstanders to tell us…

What real food resolutions are YOU going to #GetReal about in 2016?

This month, share your good food choices using #GetReal on the Foodstand app.
Each week, one lucky winner will win a #GetReal lunch for you and a friend at Dig Inn,
get a chance to be featured in our Top 5 #GetReal posts of the week!



Another soup which will absolutely be enjoyed by the whole family: chicken and sweet corn soup! Delicious and comforting. #GetReal

Ingredients: Chicken thigh, sweet yellow corn, fennel bulb, potato, yellow dhal, carrot, chicken stock


If you’re growing basil, make sure to pinch off the flowers so the plant won’t bolt! #GetReal and grow your own.

Location: Boyle Heights
Ingredients: Fresh basil



Another Meatless Monday winner: Braised Fennel and Blood Orange Salad with pecans and feta. So yummy! #GetReal Recipe link included.

Ingredients: Fennel bulb, blood orange, feta cheese, pecan, orange zest, orange juice, vegetable stock, kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper


Breakfast time! #GetReal breakfast. This one is simple—heat up some tomato sauce in a pan, add some black beans, top with egg, and chopped cilantro. Cheese also, and salt.

Ingredients: Egg, black beans, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, fresh cilantro, fleur de sel


Beets are beautiful and versatile. We’ve been roasting them in some spicy olive oil lately. #GetReal

Ingredients: Beets

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