January 29, 2016

Many of us have pledged to make some New Year’s resolutions that will really stick,
and at the beginning of the month we asked Foodstanders to tell us…

What real food resolutions are YOU going to #GetReal about in 2016?

Thanks to everyone for your inspirational good food choices! And congratulations to the Dig Inn lunch winners! Hopefully we’ll continue to see your #GetReal resolutions throughout the year!



Gluten-free bread, topped with homemade hummus, baby spinach, and avocado. Sprinkled with za’atar and togarashi. Good breakfast indeed! #GetReal

Ingredients: Avocado, gluten-free bread, hummus, za’atar, baby spinach, shichimi togarashi


Miso Glazed Salmon Revelation. Find out the secret to the crispiest skin, and perfectly seasoned, buttery, silky flesh! #GetReal

Ingredients: Miso, salmon, cane sugar, white wine



Golden rice pudding with turmeric, ginger & pink peppercorns—a spin on the Ayurvedic turmeric milk, but in a healthy, cozy dessert form 🙂 #GetReal

Ingredients: Pistachio nuts, turmeric, coconut milk, raw honey, fresh ginger, Saigon cinnamon, basmati rice, pink peppercorns


Breakfast this morning: turmeric scrambled egg (egg wash from my pie the other day!), seeded sourdough, avocado and Brie. Some assembly required! #GetReal

Ingredients: Avocado, egg, turmeric, black sesame, sourdough bread, satsuma tangerines


Mâche salad with roasted beets and soft goat cheese, dressed with a light French vinaigrette #GetReal

Ingredients: Mâche, soft goat cheese, red beets

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