February 5, 2016


My first time here and definitely not my last! A delicious #marketplace courtesy of @diginn. Thanks to #thefoodstand team for this connection. 🙂

Location: Dig Inn Seasonal Market
Ingredients: Chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, orange, rainbow chard


A savoury scone that sings of Europe! Caraway Rye Scones with caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese. Link to the recipe included. Swapped the sour cream for kefir, so it’s even better for us. 🙂

Ingredients: All purpose unbleached wheat flour, medium rye flour, caraway seeds, Gruyere cheese, red onion, kefir, chestnut honey


Fresh coconut is the best coconut! This is going to be cooked with chicken bones for 2 hours to make a super duper soup base! #GetReal



Gnocchi made by my students in class tonight.



Grist & Toll, Pasadena, CA—whole grain heaven!

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