February 26, 2016

#KitchenTips and more!

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    1. Learning how to poach eggs! Anyone have tips?
      post by @Rachna (14 comments, 5 likes)
    2. Battle of Brussels
      post by @rescuechocolate (13 comments, 12 likes)
    3. Raw vegan cabbage ideas?
      post by @JenniferDoscher (12 comments, 9 likes)
    4. Apparently you can eat the pit of an avocado! Has anyone tried it?
      post by @lauren (12 comments, 16 likes)
    5. Starting an Urban Ag Business Workshop
      post by @brooklyngrange (11 comments, 19 likes)
    6. Why you should use raw sweet potato in smoothies
      post by @lauren (11 comments, 15 likes)
    7. What is your quick go-to dinner?
      post by @tinabeans (10 comments, 6 likes)
    8. Why Cakes Crack (& How to Prevent It)
      post by @Rachna (9 comments, 9 likes)
    9. Love hard boiled eggs, but have a hard time taking the shell off. Any good tricks to share with me?
      post by @SimplySeema (9 comments, 4 likes)
    10. What to do with watermelon radishes
      post by @Cathyerway (8 comments, 21 likes)


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    It may still be winter, but Foodstanders are fully embracing ways to eat foods that are grown and produced locally. And March is right around the corner, so local farms are ramping up for their 2016 CSA shares. How are you going to #BeALocal?

    1. I’m challenging everyone to make at least one meal per month with 100% local ingredients. How many meals can you make?
      post by @brittanymbarton (10 comments, 19 likes)
    2. Bhumi farms organic produce delivered right to your front door in BK or the Hamptons
      post by @bhumifarms (7 comments, 16 likes)
    3. FREE Tomato Jam with the purchase of a Katchkie Farm CSA share tomorrow!
      post by @suzannah (5 comments, 10 likes)
    4. Last night’s dinner made entirely with Local Roots CSA ingredients
      post by @localrootsnyc (6 comments, 9 likes)
    5. Campus raised duck, Barber’s farm kale, cannellini beans and black currant jus. Everything sourced locally and produced by my Farm to Table class at SUNY Cobleskill.
      post by @MLapi (3 comments, 9 likes)

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