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November 3, 2016


We vote with our forks all year long, but come Tuesday, November 8th—be sure to vote with your ballot too (if you’re in the U.S.)! This election could have a huge impact on all of us—from health to the environment, minimum wage, and taxes too. Here are some quick tips to ensure your vote supports a better food system:


  • To ensure a healthier food system and to sustain our planet, we need to make some drastic changes, and our next President of the United States could play a vital role in determining our future in these areas. It’s fair to say that neither candidate is perfect when it comes to food and sustainability, but their differing stances on certain issues could take us in two very different directions. Check out The Food Revolution Network’s “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Where They Stand On Food” to make an educated vote.


  • Before you hit the voting booth, check out the 2016 Food Policy Action Scorecard to see how your Senators and Representatives voted on food policy to support a healthier food system.
  • Look up your sample ballot on Ballotpedia to see who’s running, and where they stand on important issues.


  • The Soda Tax is on the ballot in San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany, California and Boulder, Colorado. It’s an effective way to raise money for a community, and simultaneously make significant improvements on public health. Harvard researchers say Bay Area taxes alone could avert $55M in health costs over 10 years. Here’s More Evidence That Soda Taxes Cut Soda Drinking.
  • Talk to your friends and family in these cities and inform them about the tax. If someone replies, saying “it’s a regressive tax that disproportionately hurts poor people” you can respond by pointing out that diabetes is a regressive disease that now overwhelmingly effects low income families, and it is our government’s responsibility to protect the health of all citizens.
  • And finally, VOTE for the Soda Tax. If you’re in San Francisco, it’s Proposition V—vote YES!

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