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Introducing Foodstand for Teams

October 12, 2017

introducing foodstand for teams

Autumn greetings from Foodstand! It has been busy at Foodstand headquarters, and we want to take a moment to update you about an exciting development that we’ve been cooking.

Did you know that we are twice as likely to succeed at developing a new habit if we do it with a buddy? You probably do, which is why so many of you have connected with each other on the Foodstand app’s buddies tab, and regularly engage in the community forum—sharing your Challenge experiences and successes, asking questions, and showing support for one another’s good eating habits. But what if you could take that group accountability one step further? Well, now you can!

Introducing Foodstand for Teams. Within the last year we launched Foodstand’s Team Challenges across schools, universities and workplaces—allowing groups of individuals to work together toward better health, one bite at a time. And we are happy to report that our teams see a completion rate of over 70 percent.

Better employee, student and family health begins with better food choices each day—small changes make a huge impact. Increasingly, employers are seeing the effect of wellness programs on employees’ happiness and performance, and on their companies’ bottom lines. And educators have begun to notice the impact that a healthy diet has (through good nutrition education and implementation) on the ability for their students to learn.

Foodstand for Teams allows groups of individuals to build the ‘rules for good eating’ joyfully into daily life together, using simple tracking on our mobile-first, turnkey platform to enable lasting change and deliver profound effects. Our detailed weekly reports—customized for your team—reveal trends, behaviors, outcomes, retention and more. This is not a passive program. Our goal is to improve our impact by providing your company or school with a custom-fit program including personalized education (video and in-person workshops), and intraoffice/intraschool competitions to suit your unique needs.

“The Challenge was a good one for PS20, and fit an area we were tying to improve. We liked the community feel to the Challenge, and that students, teachers, and parents could nudge each other or congratulate each other.”
– Christine Drago, Health Educator at PS20, New York, NY

“I’m definitely feeling less hungry, am not craving snacks/sweets as much and have actually lost a few pounds.”
– Anonymous, WeWork, Detroit, MI

“I got into the habit of choosing water over other things.”
– Anonymous, University of Michigan

“The easy button to congratulate or nudge teammates was fun.”
– Anonymous, University of Michigan

Does your company need turnkey worksite wellness your team will actually love? Would you like to see an approachable good eating program implemented at your school that’s fun for the whole family? We currently have a diverse group of amazing teams engaged in our Foodstand for Teams program, and we’d love for your team jump onboard. Visit our brand new Foodstand for Teams page online to learn more and schedule a demo.

See you on the app!
-The Foodstand Team